Unlock Savings This Subtember with Eldritch Foundry’s Subtember Sale!

Welcome to Subtember at Eldritch Foundry, where the savings are as unlimited as your creativity! This September, we’re thrilled to introduce our exclusive Subtember Sale.

Are you a tabletop gaming enthusiast or a 3D printing aficionado? If so, you’re in for a treat. We’re offering a spectacular 25% discount on subscriptions to Eldritch Unlimited, our premium STL subscription service. This is your chance to unlock a world of limitless 3D printable possibilities. Just use the code “SUBTEMBER” at checkout, and watch your savings soar.

Understanding Eldritch Unlimited

What is Eldritch Unlimited?
Eldritch Unlimited is the pinnacle of convenience for all 3D printing enthusiasts and tabletop gamers. It’s your ticket to an expansive library of STL downloads for your 3D printing needs. With this subscription, you’ll gain access to an ever-growing treasure trove of high-quality 3D models crafted with precision and care. Whether you’re a dungeon master looking for a new NPC or a painter seeking unique miniatures to bring your creativity to life, Eldritch Unlimited has got you covered.

Why Choose Eldritch Unlimited?
Unrestricted Access: As an Eldritch Unlimited subscriber, you’re no longer limited by individual purchases. Say goodbye to the hassle of buying models one at a time. With a single subscription, you can download as many STL files as you want.

  1. Constant Updates: Our team of talented artists and designers is always hard at work, adding new and exciting models to our library. With Eldritch Unlimited, you’ll be able to print these designs as soon as they drop!
  2. Premium Quality: We take immense pride in the quality of our STL files. Each model is meticulously crafted to ensure outstanding print results and a visually stunning end product.
  3. Variety and Customization: Choose from a vast array of miniatures, items, and more. With hundreds of weapons and clothing options, bases, and fully poseable designs, you can create characters that are uniquely your own.

How to Claim Your Subtember Savings
Getting in on the Subtember action is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Head over to the Eldritch Foundry pricing page.
  2. Select the subscription plan that suits you best.
  3. At checkout, enter the code “SUBTEMBER” in the designated field.
  4. Watch as your cart total magically decreases by 25%.
  5. Complete your purchase and prepare to embark on your 3D printing adventure.

About Eldritch Foundry

At Eldritch Foundry, we’re passionate about empowering players to create epic custom miniatures. Our free web-driven character creator lets you design and order personalized, realistic miniatures for tabletop games, wargaming, and mini-painting. We’ve set the bar high when it comes to detail and customization. With hundreds of options at your fingertips, you can bring your unique hero to life in just minutes.

Our mission is to make the tabletop gaming experience richer, more immersive, and uniquely yours. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting your journey, Eldritch Foundry is here to provide you with the tools to unleash your creativity.

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