The Undead Are Rising

Their Hunger
Knows No Bounds

In the heart of a desolate, moonlit forest, ancient trees loom like specters, their branches creaking with displeasure at your presence. As you tread upon forgotten graves, disembodied whispers beckon from the darkness, a twig snaps, and a shiver of dread runs up your spine. Do you dare to venture deeper into the shadows, where the line between life and death blurs, and the true horrors of the night await?

Bound by blood Book Cover

Bound BY Blood

5e Compatible

Embark on a harrowing journey into the dark heart of the Wheymarch Estate, where an ancient curse has twisted both the land and its inhabitants. In this gripping adventure, your party will confront sinister phantasms, navigate treacherous spirit mazes, and descend into subterranean tunnels teeming with undead horrors. Face the malevolent Kendyr Wheymarch, who hungers for power and seeks to ensnare his own daughter in his nightmarish grip. Playing as the aforementioned daughter, Luria Wheymarch, or companions Orren Tremenis, Brother Callahan DuMain, or Beselle Mourne — only you can break the curse, free the tormented spirits, and restore hope to the blighted land.

Bound in Blood adventures heros and villain

Bound by Blood
Heroes & Villain

Your Salvation

Embark on a thrilling journey into the depths of fantasy with this set of four beautifully crafted hero miniatures and one formidable villain. Our heroes’ embodiment of courage and strength makes them your ultimate companions against the haunting forces. But beware, for a sinister foe lurks within, waiting for the ideal moment to strike. 

Printed Bundle: $40
STL Bundle: $12
hero_undead_Minis Zombie

Endless Zombie Onslaught

Foes Unyielding

Be the terror of the adventure with our zombie horde. This formidable assembly of 16 undead minions is driven by a relentless hunger for flesh, making them the perfect unending nightmare of an unending night.

Printed Bundle: $65
STL Bundle: $15
hero_undead_Minis Ghost

Haunting Ghosts
and Banshees

Spectral Terrors

This ghastly assembly of 18 eerier figures carries with them the sinister whispers of the afterlife and the chilling wails of the damned. Will you crumble in the face of their spectral malevolence or destroy these apparitions on your path to victory?

Printed Bundle: $65
STL Bundle: $15
Bound In Blood image of hero's, zombie, and villain

Undead Adventure Essentials

Gateway to Darkness

Step into the shadowy realm of “Bound by Blood” with the Undead Adventure Essentials. This collection features everything: the 4 heroic miniatures and 1 villain, finely detailed and ready for battle. They are your salvation against the endless Zombie onslaught, a formidable assembly of 16 zombies driven by their insatiable hunger for flesh. Alongside them are phantoms, 18 eerie ghosts and banshees that whisper and wail, coaxing your party to surrender their souls to the dead.

Printed Bundle: $175
STL Bundle: $35