Exciting Announcement: Heroic Poses Unleashed!

Prepare for a game-changing moment in the world of tabletop gaming! Eldritch Foundry is thrilled to introduce our latest masterpiece: Heroic Poses! There comes a time when an individual must rise to legendary heights, and these stories demand recounting in the most epic ways. That’s where Heroic Poses come in – four extraordinary stances that […]
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Our voyage through time, from the dawn of civilization to the modern era of custom miniatures, carries us into the Renaissance, a period of profound cultural transformation. As our multi-part series unfolds, we arrive at a juncture where miniatures experienced their own renaissance. In this third installment, we explore how the Renaissance period breathed new […]

Introduction: Our journey through time carries us into the medieval era, where manuscripts transformed into illuminated chronicles adorned with miniature illustrations. In this second part of our series, we explore the captivating world of miniatures within medieval manuscripts and beyond. Across different corners of the globe, artistry met storytelling, giving rise to visual narratives that […]

An Introduction: Welcome, Dear Reader, to a journey through time with a nine-part series on miniatures and miniature creators throughout history. Sitting at the crossroads of artistry and innovation, we will explore these captivating creations, from the age-old treasures of antiquity to the modern frontiers of 3D printing. Over the course of this tiny odyssey, […]