Step into a Realm of Imagination: Introducing the New Kobold Press Items!

Hey there, adventurers! We’ve got some incredibly exciting news to share that’s bound to ignite your creative spark:

We’ve teamed up with the fantastic minds over at Kobold Press to add a new layer of enchantment to your crafting journey! Their mesmerizing Tales of the Valiant game is about to get a whole lot more tangible.

Meet the Miniatures

Picture this: the first wave of items stemming from this magical partnership. We’re talking custom sculpts of those six starter characters, complete with weapons, shields, and other gear that’s just brimming with character. But that’s not all – imagine having your own fiery salamander or trusty dragon familiar by your side. And hey, who could resist adding a dash of kobold charm with a whimsical tail? These goodies are now nestled within our creator, waiting for you to bring them to life.

Discover, Imagine, Create

 Ready to explore a treasure trove of 14 new assets? They’re scattered across our creator, just waiting for you to stumble upon them. Whether you’re all about breathing fresh life into those starter characters or conjuring something totally unique, these new additions offer a world of possibilities. The best part? This is just the beginning. In the coming months, we’ll be announcing even more exciting releases, from armors to hairdos and a full-blown Kobold ancestry. The adventure’s only just begun!

Crafting Epics, Together

We’re all about making sure our pieces fit seamlessly into various systems, so you can have the iconic items your adventures deserve. Join us in this incredible leap alongside Kobold Press, and become a part of their enchanting universe.

Your next adventure is just a click away: Begin crafting your legends today with Eldritch Foundry and Kobold Press!

P.S. Guess what? We’re bringing these wondrous Kobold creations to GenCon! Swing by our booth or check out our GenCon blog post for all the delightful details.