GenCon 2023: What a Ride!

Buckle up, because GenCon 2023 was an epic rollercoaster we won’t forget anytime soon. This was the first shot at GenCon for some members of our team and it was an experience that left us all eager for next year.

Our headquarters for the event was booth 2946, a collaborative space shared with the wonderful Die Hard Dice team. The setup featured an array of attractions: spinning racks sporting custom minis, logo pins and Pin Bazar pins, badge flags, and the cherry on top: a 3D printer giveaway. The event started strong with the first of two Character Creator panels, featuring our partners from Kobold Press and their upcoming release, Tales of the Valiant.

While Die Hard Dice showcased their artisanal creations, our minis were heavily featured in the Paint and Take section which grew into a space where tips and tricks were swapped for the whole weekend.

Saturday brought with it the second Character Creator panel, guided by Zach Newbill from Kobold Press. The conversation centered around Tales of the Valiant, character creation, and a deep dive into our web builder’s intricacies.

As the curtains fell on GenCon 2023, the sense of accomplishment was palpable and our feet on the verge of falling off. With a significant portion of our showcased minis finding new homes, the event surpassed expectations. Ultimately, the exchange with customers and the new friends made was what made the event memorable—there is nothing we love more than being able to encourage new hobbyists and grizzled veterans to keep learning and growing their love for minis.

With GenCon behind us, we’re already looking forward to PAX Unplugged and all the fun and excitement that comes with it!

Till our paths cross again (at PAX Unplugged, perhaps),
The Eldritch Foundry Team