Exciting Announcement: Heroic Poses Unleashed!

Prepare for a game-changing moment in the world of tabletop gaming! Eldritch Foundry is thrilled to introduce our latest masterpiece: Heroic Poses!

There comes a time when an individual must rise to legendary heights, and these stories demand recounting in the most epic ways. That’s where Heroic Poses come in – four extraordinary stances that will (literally) elevate your miniatures to a new level of heroism.

Chose your heroic backdrop:

Atop a Smashed Column

Your miniature will exude dominance as they stand atop a shattered column—a symbol of their unyielding strength and absolute resolve.

A Ship Torn Asunder

Feel the chaos and danger as your character clings to the mast of their ship, battling a tentacled leviathan in a scene of pure epicness.

Remnants of a Dwarven Statue

The crumbling ruins of a dwarven statue serve as a powerful reminder of the past, perhaps a warning to your hero.

Next to the Severed Head of an Ancient Dragon

This pose speaks of triumph over the most fearsome of adversaries. Your character, standing beside the severed head of an ancient dragon, is the stuff of legends.

These Heroic Poses are more than just miniatures; they’re the canvas for your storytelling. Dungeon masters can create grand entrances, and players can celebrate their character’s evolution with scenes that will be remembered forever.

Craft your legend