Eldritch Foundry Partners with Lychee Slicer: Redefining 3D Printing

Exciting news, fellow creators! Eldritch Foundry is thrilled to announce our partnership with Lychee Slicer, an innovative software developed by Mango 3D that’s about to transform your 3D printing experience.

Picture this: a world where your virtual designs seamlessly translate into stunning, real-world creations. Thanks to our collaboration with Lychee Slicer, this dream is now a reality. Our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation has led us to this game-changing moment.

What’s in it for you? Think enhanced precision, user-friendly controls, and the power to transform your imaginative designs into tangible masterpieces. Whether you’re crafting heroic minis, mythical creatures, or intricate landscapes, Eldritch Foundry’s partnership with Lychee Slicer is your ticket to taking your creative journey to new heights.

As proud ambassadors of Lychee Slicer, we’re on a mission to showcase the boundless potential of this dynamic duo. Dive into a world where your visions come to life with unmatched clarity and ease. To explore the full range of possibilities, visit Lychee Slicer’s website here.

Join us in celebrating this exciting venture that blurs the lines between imagination and reality. Elevate your 3D printing endeavors with Eldritch Foundry and Lychee Slicer—where innovation meets creation, and your creative aspirations know no bounds. 

If you need more miniatures in your life (and—let’s be real—who doesn’t?) check out the Eldritch Unlimited subscription page to learn how you can get unlimited STL downloads and make your dream creations a reality!